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Dear Brides & Grooms,

After 10 incredible years serving the Metro-Detroit community, I have made the hard decision that it is time for L&B to take a break, while I focus on building good humans and enjoying the little moments of everyday life with my family. Serving this community has been the absolute greatest honor. What a journey it has been, and what a journey it is yet to be. Please follow the link below for an open letter to our community.


We are so grateful to have been considered for your Wedding Day, and so heartbroken that we will not be available. Over the years, we have become great friends with a few bakers and cake decorators in our industry. These are all locally and female-owned small businesses like ours, and we would love to refer you to their exquisite services. Please click here for a direct link.


Thank you for your support and belief in L&B and all that we do. My sincere hope is that L&B will return in a new capacity in the future, and another amazing opportunity to serve Metro Detroit will arise. Until then, we are here for you and anything you may need as you continue to plan the details of your big day.  


Warmly & Gratefully,

Brooke Vitale (and our incredible Weddings Team–Ashleigh and Kaitlan)

Contact Us


Our availability for this season is CLOSED.

To get in touch with our Weddings Team about your BOOKED wedding,

email us directly at


If you were hoping to book your wedding with us,

please see the above box for info & referrals to bakery-friends in the area.

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