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Hand-Painted Macs Gift Set

Hand-Painted Macs Gift Set


Our delicious Macarons boxed and ribboned to create the perfect gift! Half Hand-painted Easter-themed, and half sprinkled with fun white nonpareils, this set is sure to delight!

  • Spring Flavors: Vanilla Bean, Caramel, PB&J, Chocolate Ganache, Pistachio, Coconut Cream, Confetti, Cookie Dough (not GF!), Rose, Raspberry Cream, Cookies & Cream (not GF!), Lemon, Almond, Poppyseed, Chocolate Cream, Cadbury Cream, and Chocolate Malt


Each box includes an assortment of flavors, depending on availability. Please note if you would like all GF flavors included!

$19, Set of 4 | $33, Set of 8

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