Fall Menu

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Our Fall Menu will be available September 7th - November 27th.
Stay tuned for our Halloween & Thanksgiving Featured Menus, coming soon!
Please note that any custom orders must be finalized at least 10 days in advance!


Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter (GF!), Mitten Made, and Chai Shortbread 

$2.50 each | 15 half-dozen | $30 dozen



Our Fall cookies are adorable AND delicious! This season, we’re offering beautiful watercolor-painted Pumpkins, Leaves, and Fall Flowers!

$3.75 each | $22.50 half-dozen | $45 dozen



We create custom sugar cookies for weddings, birthdays, holidays, showers, and other events! Pricing for our custom cookies varies based on the level of detail involved in your design. If you know what you’re looking for (or even if you need some help), we can find the perfect cookie for your event!

Starting at $5 each | $5.25 individually packaged with the ribbon color of your choice



our classic Sandwich Cookies are available in Chocolate Chip with Vanilla Buttercream, Mitten Made with Espresso Buttercream, Peanut Butter with Peanut Butter Buttercream!

$2 each | $24 dozen

$4.50 each, Jumbo



Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

$1 each | $14 set of ten


Delicious and crunchy Chocolate Peanut Butter treats! Crunchy cornflakes are folded into smooth peanut-buttery goodness, and dipped in chocolate.

$2.50 each  | 15 half-dozen

Cakes & Cups


  • Caramel Apple: Our delicious Apple cake is filled with our homemade Apple Pie Filling and coated with our textured Caramel Buttercream. This cake is topped with a layer of our homemade caramel, and features a ring of buttercream “poofs”, white sprinkles, and a fondant apple!

6" $63 | 8" $73 | 9” $78 | 10” $93

  • Apple Cinnamon: Our cozy Apple cake is paired with our Cinnamon-Spice Cream Cheese Buttercream, and decorated “naked-style” with a light coating of buttercream, a side border of sparkling gold sanding sugar, and is topped with a lovely ring of Fall Macarons, Buttercream poofs, and gold sprinkles!

6" $63 | 8" $78 | 9” $83 | 10” $98

  • Pumpkin Ganache Brown Butter: This favorite cozy combo is making a comeback! Our lovely Pumpkin Cake is filled with our rich Chocolate Ganache and iced in our Brown Butter Buttercream. A perfect treat to enjoy by the fire on a chilly Fall evening!

6" $53 | 8" $63 | 9” $68 | 10” $83

  • Chocolate Caramel Turtle: Our classic Chocolate Cake is filled with layers of homemade soft Caramel and Toasted Pecans, coated in our Salted Caramel Buttercream, dripped with Chocolate Ganache, and topped with Caramel Buttercream Rosettes, Soft Caramel, and Pecans.

6" $53 | 8" $63 | 9” $68 | 10” $83

  • Vanilla Cookie Butter Cake: Cookie Butter is back! We’ve paired our classic Vanilla Cake with our amazing Cookie Butter Buttercream, a cookie crumb half mask, Buttercream Dollops, and Biscoff Cookies!

6" $48 | 8" $58 | 9” $63 | 10” $78

  • Pumpkin Cream Cheese: This classic pairing features our awesome Pumpkin Cake layered with our smooth Cream Cheese Buttercream, and is topped with a beautiful spray of buttercream pumpkins and white sanding sugar.

6" $48 | 8" $58 | 9” $63 | 10” $78



  • Sugar Cookie:  Our light and fluffy Vanilla Cake with our Sugar Cookie Sprinkle Streusel, iced in our Cream Cheese Buttercream, decorated with a sprinkle mix half mask, and buttercream dollops, sprinkles, and crumble on top.

6" $48 | 8" $58 | 9” $63 | 10” $78

  • Red Velvet: Our lovely Red Velvet Cake filled and frosted in our delicious Cream Cheese Buttercream, decorated with a buttercream rosette wreath and Red Velvet Cake crumble!

6" $48 | 8" $58 | 9” $63 | 10” $78

  • Confetti: Your choice of our delicious Double Chocolate or Vanilla Cakes filled and iced with our Confetti Buttercream, and topped with buttercream rosettes and sprinkles!

6" $38 | 8" $48 | 9” $53 | 10” $68


  • Vanilla Sprinkle: Our fluffy Vanilla Cake filled and iced with our classic Vanilla Buttercream, topped with buttercream rosettes and sprinkles!

6" $38 | 8" $48 | 9” $53 | 10” $68

  • Triple Chocolate: Our delicious Double Chocolate Cake filled and iced with our Chocolate Buttercream, and topped with buttercream rosettes!

6" $38 | 8" $48 | 9” $53 | 10” $68


  • Classic Cakes: Choose from our lovely Vanilla or Double Chocolate cake to pair perfectly with our delicious and creamy Vanilla Buttercream (or customize your cake with any of our Specialty options below!).

6" $33 | 8" $43 | 9" $48 | 10" $63 | 12" $73


  • Specialty Cake Flavors: Red Velvet, Pumpkin, Apple

  • Buttercream Frosting Options: Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Champagne, Salted Caramel, Confetti, Pistachio, Raspberry, Peanut Butter, Almond, Cookie Dough, Cookie Butter, Cinnamon-Spice Cream Cheese, Brown Butter.

  • Filling options: Raspberry Jam, Fresh Strawberries, Chocolate Ganache, Caramel-Pecan, Apple Pie, and all Buttercreams listed above.

(Cost is CLASSIC CAKE price, plus $5 per specialty add-on)



  • Custom Cupcakes: All of our cake flavors can be made into cupcakes and can be customized for your event! Cupcakes start at $3 each for classic cupcakes and $3.25 each for specialty cupcakes, with a minimum order of 12. Mini Cupcakes are available starting at $21/dozen.


  • Specialty Cups: Our favorite mix of seasonal & classic cupcake flavors! Choose from a set of 6 or 12, which includes an assortment of our specialty cupcakes packed in a clear cupcake container!

$22 half-dozen | $44 dozen


  • Custom Cake Pops: Our Cake Pops can be custom decorated for your event! We ask for a minimum of 12 pops per flavor.

Starting at $3.50 each

  • Seasonal Cake Pops: Our Cake Pops this season are available in Chocolate & Vanilla decorated with colorful Fall nonpareil sprinkles ($2.75ea), Red Velvet with Hearts ($2.75ea).



Our Cake Jars can be made out of any of our seasonal flavors! Cake, filling, and frosting in flavors of your choice is layered throughout our adorable clear jars - just open up and dig in! Mason Cakes make great favors for parties, weddings, and events! Each jar comes with a small wooden spoon and is tied with ribbon in the color of your choice! 

Starting at $6.50 each for chocolate or vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.

Add $0.25 for each specialty flavor addition. Minimum order of 6 cakes is required.


Dense, rich, chocolatey goodness in every bite!

$27 9-inch Round



We’d love to bake up some custom macarons for your special occasion! If you would like to order a specific flavor, we ask that you order a minimum of one dozen per flavor. We offer custom colored shells for an additional $0.50 each, and hand-painted macarons and custom-shaped shells, which are priced depending on the level of detail involved in your design. Our macaron shells and most of our fillings are naturally Gluten-Free!

Available flavors include: Vanilla Bean, Caramel, PB&J, Chocolate Ganache, Pistachio, Coconut Cream, Confetti, Cookie Dough (not GF!), Raspberry Cream, Cookies & Cream (not GF!), Almond, Chocolate Cream, Cookie Butter, Cinnamon-Spice Cream Cheese, and Brown Butter Cream.

Starting at $30 dozen 



Our delicious  Macaron flavors are packed in a kraft bakery box. Flavors may include Vanilla Bean, Caramel, PB&J, Chocolate Ganache, Pistachio, Coconut Cream, Confetti, Cookie Dough (not GF!), Raspberry Cream, Cookies & Cream (not GF!), Almond, Chocolate Cream, Cookie Butter (not GF!), Cinnamon-Spice Cream Cheese, and Brown Butter Cream.

Each box includes an assortment of flavors, depending on availability. Please note if you would like all GF flavors included!

$30 dozen

DIY Kits


What's better than a warm fresh-from-the-oven cookie? We'll mix up the dough and provide baking directions so you can bake them at home! Choose from Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter!

$27 dozen



4, 6, or 12 Cupcakes comes with everything you need to frost and decorate them! This kit comes with either Double Chocolate Vanilla, or both flavors of cupcakes, with Vanilla Buttercream frostings and sprinkles!

4-Cupcake Kit: $23  |  6-Cupcake Kit: $30  |  12-Cupcake Kit: $48

L&B Gift Card

Stumped for a gift idea? A Love & Buttercream gift card means they can get exactly what they want (and you get all the thanks!). Perfect for birthdays, holidays - or any occasion you want to make special!