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An Open Letter to Our Community

10 years. An incredible 10 years.


When I opened our first shop at 25 years old, I was so sure of myself. I had no idea what was ahead, and that I was embarking on such an extraordinary adventure. Owning a bakery has been nothing like I expected, but it has been so much more than I ever could have dreamed. I have grown in ways I never thought possible, and that is because of the spectacular team members that hold me up and work every day toward bettering themselves, their craft, and L&B. It is also thanks to the amazing Metro-Detroit community that continues to support, challenge, and believe in L&B and all that we do. 


Over the past 10 years, my team and I have grown together. We have built together. We have shared our personal and professional lives together. We have celebrated countless victories and weathered countless storms. We have worked tirelessly and passionately, day in and day out. We grew to a team of nearly forty. And in 2020 we paused together. We waited - separate but together. We came back, we persevered, and we gave it our all. We grew ourselves back to a small but incredibly mighty team of ten. As a team of ten, we managed to bring L&B back to our pre-pandemic level of business. We did all of this thanks to the continued support of our community - our patrons, our backbone, our frame. I am forever indebted to the many people that have allowed us to be a part of their personal celebrations, victories, and accomplishments, and even allowed us to be a source of comfort in their hardest and darkest days. Thank you for letting us into your homes and into your families for the past ten years. There are no words to adequately express my gratitude.


As our business has grown and changed, our team has grown and changed. We've gotten engaged, married, had babies, and suffered losses. We’ve moved across country, across continents, been called to different career paths. We have laughed, cried, struggled, and overcome. We have felt love and support and community like never before. And we’ve blossomed.


I myself have grown and changed - from a 25-year-old with a new business as my baby, to a business owner, wife, and mom of three little ones. I have poured my heart and soul into what I’ve always called my “first born”, and what a rewarding experience it has been. I have also worked hard. I've missed countless bedtimes, school events, Christmas parties, Friday pizza nights, and other small but meaningful moments. I’ve stayed at the bakery for days without sleep and without bedtime snuggles, to be sure that things are just perfect for our customers. And while this journey has been demanding and exhausting,  I wouldn't change a single moment. What a true privilege to know the love and support of a team and of a community, and to have a husband and kids that have been there through every challenge and every victory, seen and believed in my dream, filled in my many gaps, and enabled me to do what I love day in and day out. I am indescribably grateful for it all. 


I am also wildly grateful for the opportunity that I have now. Ten years after confidently opening the doors at L&B, I am just as confident that now is the time to close that door, and allow my focus to shift for a while. My children are young and time, as we know, is fleeting. While this is truly the hardest decision I’ve ever made, it is time for L&B to take a break while I focus on building good humans and enjoying the little moments of everyday life with my family.


To answer a question I’m sure many will ask - I considered and reconsidered and overanalyzed so many avenues for the future of L&B. While my decision might not be considered the “right business move,” it is the right move for me. L&B is a part of who I am. My team, my family, my community, and I built L&B from nothing, and I’m just not ready to let it go. My sincere hope is that L&B will return in a different capacity down the road, and another opportunity to serve Metro-Detroit will arise. I’m not ready for “goodbye,” but I am ready for “see you later.”


Thank you for your continued support and belief in L&B and all that we do. Serving this community has been the absolute greatest honor. What a journey it has been, and what a journey it has yet to be.


Sincerely & Gratefully Yours,


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